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BMC Seniors Complete Graduation Projects

posted Dec 19, 2017, 7:49 AM by Cheryl Shuffler

By BCPS Student News Ambassador and BMC senior Natalie Ollis


            On Monday, December 4th, 2017, the seniors of BMC started their day in a panic but ended it with a sweet wave of relief. Senior projects are finally over!

To the BMC Seniors: We should all be extremely proud that we have successfully gone through our final high school rite of passage before graduation. From the extensive research for our papers, to the long hours spent completing our projects, to stressing over speeches, to finally walking out of the presentation room, we have finished a project that was completely our own to prepare us for the real world. Congratulations!!!!

For the first time in a few years, EVERY BMC senior made an A grade on their presentations!! This just goes to show the incredible dedication and commitment that every student at Burke Middle College puts into everything that they do. Mrs. Wall, the BMC English teacher, is also a great resource for everyone at the school whether it’s to give motivation, encouragement, or self discipline and determination. Senior projects may seem like too much work, but for the most part, everyone has found some positives such as growth in organization and planning, future career plans, or a newfound passion. By leading these projects, topics ranging from animal rehabilitation, motorcycle safety, architecture, healthcare, education, and graphic design to name a few, everyone has learned more than a few things from this experience. Many students were also able to use these projects as a way to give back to the community in some way, volunteering for a multitude of community organizations to complete hours, while some students are even planning to continue the work after the official project is complete.


Here are some quotes from the BMC seniors themselves:


“Seeing students’ passion for learning was truly inspiring and I am forever grateful for the experience I got from working with the second graders at Mull Elementary.” - Brooke Matthews (Elementary Education)


“It was amazing to see how excited children get about reading... I’ve always loved reading so it was great to see children who love it so much. From this I know that I want to work with children.” - Ollie Hilton (Childhood Reading)


“[It is interesting] how children can improve over time. It was amazing to see how the children overcame obstacles. I truly loved it, and from this I know I want to be an Occupational Therapist one day!” - Megan Sheffield (Occupational Therapy)


“It was so enlightening to see the future generation of mental healthcare professionals mature and develop in their knowledge of the stigma around things like mental illnesses and psychiatric hospitals!” - Andrew Webb (Mental Health Stigma)