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Student reflects on BMC’s Lisa Wall as Regional Teacher of the Year

posted Feb 9, 2018, 1:38 PM by Cheryl Shuffler

By Student News Ambassador Natalie Ollis

As a high school student, and also college student, it is really important to have a support system that will be there for you to help you with anything that you need. Mrs. Wall is that person for students at Burke Middle College. She is always the first person to ask if everything is going alright in your school, home, and work life, listen to anything we need her for, or give useful, motherly advice when we need it. She always makes us feel like we are a top priority, when sometimes that is lost in a traditional high school setting. If anyone deserves a Teacher of the Year award, it would definitely be her.

For consideration for the award, there was a group of students that answered questions about who Mrs. Wall is, what her teaching style is, and why they think she deserves the award. Many students talked about her “determination to get us excited about learning” and how “no one gets as excited as she does” about teaching us. One student even took the opportunity to speak about how Mrs. Wall helped him with some personal issues that he was facing to help him get back on track. Mrs. Wall also does a lot more for the school, such as composing the alma mater and being in charge of the Leadership Team (SGA).

At the end of the semester in December, Mrs. Wall read seniors a few children’s books to help us get motivated and ready for the English exam. One of these was Oh, the Places You’ll Go from Dr. Seuss. She always strives to remind us that even though we may face setbacks, as long as we try, we will be happy and achieve our goals. After this reading, many BMC students had planned a celebration party for her earning the award. Students brought cards, gifts, cake, food, and love as we celebrated one of our favorite teachers’ career success.

Mrs. Wall is looking forward to the next step of this process, which will include an additional interview in February and the final announcement in April. She knows that she will be involved in an educational team to raise awareness to help students and teachers all over the state, and she would love to win the final award to allow her to lead this team and further share her passion for education. She says, “I know that whatever adventure lies ahead, I will go into it with enthusiasm and give it my best effort.” Which is exactly what we all knew she would do.